NPR Health: “No, You Don’t Need a Brain Scan”

Yes, It’s A Headache. No, You Don’t Need A Brain Scan

-by Nancy Shute
Headaches may be the most common human malady, accounting for one-quarter of all doctor visits.
It’s almost always just a headache. But what if it’s a brain tumor? Shouldn’t I get a CT scan or MRI exam just to make sure? …
…From 2007 to 2010, people visited the doctor 51 million times for headache-related problems, according to a national database of outpatient visits. And 12 percent of the time, the doctors sent their patients for a brain scan. Those numbers are on the rise, the analysis found, even though guidelines urge doctors to shun the scans. The results were published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine.
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Headache Red Flags

We treat headaches at BCA every day-migraines, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. Most headaches are very responsive to acupuncture-we LOVE treating them because of how frequently acupuncture makes a significant shift.
We wanted to talk share red flags that a headache might be more than “garden variety.” You need to seek medical attention for a headache if:
▪ It is sudden and explosive, especially with no history of headache;
▪ Markedly different than any headache you’ve had, especially if you are over 50;
▪ Accompanied by fever, seizure, vomiting, a loss of coordination;
▪ Accompanied by a change in vision, speech, or alertness.

Acutake Health: “How To Know When Acupuncture Is Working”

According to this article posted over at AcuTake, you know acupuncture is working when:
* You’re sleeping better
* You’re more aware
* You’re more emotional
* You have more energy
* You’re less stressed out
* You’re more regular
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Acupuncture Fun Fact

Legend has it that acupuncture developed when early Chinese physicians observed unpredicted effects of puncture wounds in Chinese warriors.

Review of the Week

This place is amazing! Everyone on staff is so kind and professional. It’s always very clean and quiet and relaxing.
I began coming to BCA with help trying to get pregnant. We had been trying for 6 months with no results. I was pregnant within 6 weeks of treatments by Mary. Now, I have continued to come for pregnancy symptoms with great results.
Affordable, comfortable, relaxing, effective… what more could you ask for??
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Chronic Pain, In Your Head, Or Real?

Interesting read from AcuTake writer, Adam Cantor
Chronic pain is a growing and complicated issue. Millions of people feel stuck with their pain, suffering day in and day out with no resolution in sight. For many, acupuncture can shed light at the end of this very dark tunnel.
We know that the nature of chronic pain can vary widely, from musculoskeletal and neurogenic to gastrointestinal, urogenital, and gynecological. However, less attention gets paid to the emotional component of chronic pain, which can be caused and exacerbated by negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and anxiety.
Pain conditions that are emotionally charged—which, ultimately, describes all cases of pain, since being in pain produces negative thought patterns—often are unabated by the pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications that are so commonly prescribed.
Treating chronic pain effectively requires approaching it holistically. This is where acupuncture excels.
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Do I Have to Believe in Acupuncture for it to Work?

Believe it or not, acupuncture produces physiological changes in your body. For example, after your needles go in, your body will release endorphins-reducing pain and increasing relaxation.

U.S Navy’s Use of Acupuncture and Meditation

Brought to you by NavyTimes staff writer, Meghann Myers:

Psychiatrist Capt. Robert Koffman has more than 20 years of operational medicine and combat stress expertise, but he’s probably best known for sticking lots of needles in special operators.

Koffman, a mental health expert at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Bethesda, Md., uses acupuncture to treat troops with ongoing psychological complications from traumatic brain injuries.

Talk therapy and medication have their place, he said, but he’s seen firsthand how alternative treatments such as acupuncture and meditation have helped troops manage their anxiety and chronic pain.

Interested in this article? Read the full version brought to you by NavyTimes here.

Sunday Acupuncture Returns

Back by popular demand! BCA will be re-opening Sunday morning shifts from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Call or book online for an appointment this Sunday, March 2.

Ted Talk: The Mystery of Chronic Pain

Dr. Elliot Krane gave a really amazing talk on chronic pain. Here’s the excerpt provided on the Ted Talk site:

We think of pain as a symptom, but there are cases where the nervous system develops feedback loops and pain becomes a terrifying disease in itself. Starting with the story of a girl whose sprained wrist turned into a nightmare, Elliot Krane talks about the complex mystery of chronic pain, and reviews the facts we’re just learning about how it works and how to treat it. At the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, Elliot Krane works on the problem of treating pain in children.

Click here to watch the video.