It’s Simple!

Acupuncture is not mystical or magical–it’s a very practical, simple way to balance the body. Our own UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine gives a great primer on acupuncture, stating:

Acupuncture therapy can…evoke the body’s natural healing response through various physiological systems. Modern research has demonstrated acupuncture’s effects on the nervous system, endocrine and immune systems, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. By stimulating the body’s various systems, acupuncture can help to resolve pain, and improve sleep, digestive function, and sense of well-being.

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We provide more than 10,000 treatments every year. We do this work in a community setting at a low cost, because acupuncture works better when treatments are provided frequently enough to make a real change.

At BCA, here’s how your first visit works:

  • You will fill out a short intake, sign a consent form, and pay the $25 fee for the visit;
  • You’ll head back to the treatment room, choose any open seat, recline and relax.
  • The practitioner will review your information and health complaint(s), then meet you at your seat and ask a few questions to discern the appropriate treatment.
  • She will insert the needles according to your primary complaints (note that we don’t need to needle in the area of pain to provide relief-we use points on the arms/legs/ears and scalp, and they work great!).
  • You’ll relax for about 45 minutes, then your practitioner will remove your needles and recommend a treatment plan for you.

When you return for treatment, you will simply pay the $25 fee, and be invited to go in and choose a seat. The practitioner will check on your progress, ask relevant questions, insert your needles and leave you to rest.

We let the needles do the work in a calm, peaceful setting.

Clinic Etiquette

  • Please enter the clinic quietly, silence your phone, and use your “library voice” to help preserve the calm environment.
  • Please don’t wear perfumes or heavy scents.
  • You are more than welcome to bring ipods or reading material-please keep the volume low enough that it can’t be heard by others and please don’t read loud newspapers.
  • Please do not interrupt the practitioner while she is with another patient unless it’s an emergency.

Print and complete the new patient forms here!

Private Acupuncture-A Different Choice

In private settings, the practitioner will typically spend a good deal of time on an intake and assessment, and there will be more “talking time.” You will be treated in a private room, usually on a massage table. You may be treated on the front and back of your body, and there may be additional therapies, like cupping, massage, and moxibustion, incorporated into your treatment. Some patients may prefer the privacy and longer personal attention. Please be aware that while we will provide you a personalized treatment, we are practiced in doing it very quickly. We will not be able to give you more “talking time” than the other patients in the clinic. If you prefer a private treatment, there are many acupuncture clinics in the area!

*We do not provide insurance billing.* We can provide receipts for your acupuncture services to submit for insurance reimbursement, but we do not use diagnostic or procedure codes. This is because we do not communicate with insurance companies (once we provide codes, we are responsible for any reporting to your insurance). We devote our staff time to treating our patients and would rather keep prices low and help people, than spend time working with insurance and raise our rates. If you need a clinic to provide this kind of information to insurance, many will.