About Acupuncture

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture aims to balance the body’s energy flow (referred to as qi or chi), which circulates throughout meridians or pathways in the body. Our highly trained and skilled acupuncturist places tiny, stainless-steel sterile needles into specific pressure points, depending on the condition being addressed. Acupuncture benefits the body by improving its natural balance therefore enabling the body to better heal itself.

Does acupuncture work in the eyes of western medical practitioners? Many see the benefits of acupuncture as a natural pain management therapy and in improving a patient’s overall wellbeing. By inserting the needles in precise pressure points, the nerves, muscles and connective tissue are stimulated, which improves blood flow.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

New patients frequently ask what is acupuncture, and does it hurt? Though it may look strange to a first-time visitor, acupuncture does not hurt and many patients don’t feel the needles being inserted. Others feel a slight tingling sensation. Many patients report feeling relaxed though others feel invigorated by the procedure.

Acupuncture Benefits, Numbers and Statistics

An estimated 20 million people have used acupuncture, and the trend is rising. people in the U.S. have tried acupuncture. As the benefits of acupuncture become better known, more continue to try it.

What Is Community Acupuncture?

At BCA, we believe that acupuncture benefits an entire community of patients so its services should be affordable and available to everyone regardless of income level. In alignment with the mission of community acupuncture, our services are performed in an open-room group setting. This also helps to keep costs low so we can charge only $25 per visit.

Community Acupuncture has a relationship of reciprocity with the community: it provides affordable acupuncture services and members of the community come in to pay for them. By eliminating the barriers to receiving treatment (such as cost and medical insurance requirements) patients are able to receive multiple treatments and the complete health benefits of acupuncture.

How Can You Charge So Little?

The BCA is able to charge only $25 per treatment because we see so many patients in our clinic again and again. By making it affordable, we can see more people and they can come in for all their treatments to receive the acupuncture benefits. Our group setting allows us to treat many patients at once.

Do I Need an Appointment?

At BCA, we strongly encourage patients to make an appointment. This allows us to manage our patients throughout the day and ensure everyone receives their session. We sometimes have to turn away walk-ins, so for this reason we ask everyone to make appointments.

Can You Replace my Doctor?

BCA provides affordable acupuncture, not primary care medicine. We do not offer Western diagnoses for serious medical conditions. We encourage all of our patients to work with a primary care provider.

What Else Should I Know?

Bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, such as earplugs, a book, or a device with music. Take all personal belongings into the treatment room and keep your shoes on until you sit down in the recliner.

Do I Need to Take My Clothes off?

Absolutely not! Depending on the type of treatment you receive, you may be asked to roll up a pant leg or shirt sleeve as points on the lower arms and legs are used in community clinics.

If you have any other questions about what is acupuncture and how does acupuncture work, please contact us directly at (619) 224-2442.

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