NPR Health: “No, You Don’t Need a Brain Scan”

Yes, It’s A Headache. No, You Don’t Need A Brain Scan

-by Nancy Shute

Headaches may be the most common human malady, accounting for one-quarter of all doctor visits.

It’s almost always just a headache. But what if it’s a brain tumor? Shouldn’t I get a CT scan or MRI exam just to make sure? …

…From 2007 to 2010, people visited the doctor 51 million times for headache-related problems, according to a national database of outpatient visits. And 12 percent of the time, the doctors sent their patients for a brain scan. Those numbers are on the rise, the analysis found, even though guidelines urge doctors to shun the scans. The results were published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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NPR Health: “No, You Don’t Need a Brain Scan”
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