Choosing a health care practitioner can be a challenge. A vast majority of our patients are directly referred by friends or family members. We’ve included testimonials on this page so that you can see what patients are saying about us. We hope reading more about us encourages you to give us a try.

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Debra K
So Glad I tried it!!!

I’ve been going to BCA for about 6 months now. I’m am so happy that I took the leap of faith and tried it. I’ve had numerous surgeries in addition to arthritis and osteoporosis. Acupuncture has allieviated my pain and helped me to reduce my pain meds AND allowed me to become more active. I look forward to my appointments because I always feel so great afterwards. It’s convenient, affordable and effective. Thank you to everyone at BCA!!!

Paz M
Acupuncture is awesome!

I’ve been a patient at this office for over a year now. I always come back whenever I have something in my body that needs attention. Nicole and everybody there are great! They have always helped me. I am pregnant now and my baby is breech, I feel confident that they will be able to help me one more time… Thank you all!

What a blessing to find BCA!

This was my first experience with acupuncture and I am extremely pleased with how much it has helped. I was treated by Nicole, Mary and Josephine and they were all extremely professional and caring. Without reservation, I highly recommend BCA.

I wouldn’t have it any other way

I love knowing I have somewhere I can afford to go to get well, feel better and feeI love knowing have somewhere I can afford to go to get well, feel better and be comfortable. I can’t say that about most Dr. office’s around town. This is a great place to come if you don’t have insurance or can’t afford to go to the Dr. if you do. BCA also treats kids…the hard part is convincing them that Acupuncture really works, but it does! Thank you Mary and Nicole, you’re the best!!!

Kerri F
keeping me on my feet

I am a traveling nurse with sciatica . Community acupuncture keeps me on my feet doing 12 hour shifts in Pediatric Intensive Care. I am fortunate to be a part of this healing community, call today for your first treatment!

Middle-Age and Active

I wanted to try a practitioner in my community and BCA was one of the first places to come up during a web search. Reviews were positive, so I gave them a try. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, considering the location is in a busy area of the OB business district. They use ambiant music and small fountains to create a pleasant background . If you are trying acupuncture for the first time, BCA is an inexpensive introduction.

Nicole is great!

Nicole is very compassionate. She puts her clients well-being above getting rich. She got rid of a migraine that the neurologist and the hospital were unsuccessful in treating. Her treatments have also been very helpful with my allergies.

Jodie M
I was a bit unnerved by the ‘group’ treatment room…

…but pleasantly surprised! The atmosphere is quiet and respectful. Although you may be going thru a treatment w/several other people in the same room, there is a maintained sense of privacy because of the lounge chairs that you sink back into. The acupuncturist I had was great too! I’m definitely making acupuncture there a part of my routine!


Mary has been wonderful. She makes you feel comfortable and taken care of. I was nervous about being poked with the needles, but she calmed me down. I am improving every day. The atmosphere is nice. I would definitely recommend BCA, and actually already have. My head seems clearer and I feel “lighter” and happier. Looking forward to my future sessions.

Thank you!

Nicole, I don’t know what you did to me today, but I just finished a 5 mile walk, and nothing hurts. My lower back doesn’t hurt. My hips don’t hurt. This is the first time I have been able to say that in many years. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Wonderful Staff & Results

I have been coming to BCA for 4 weeks now, and I am continuing to see major improvements with my health. This is my first time ever doing acupuncture, and I am glad I chose BCA. The staff is very professional and kind, and eager to help fix our health problems. I feel very welcomed and relaxed and excited to return for following treatments. Thank you BCA!

Muriel V
Great experience

I was totally surprised that acupuncture could help me with so many different health problems and allow me to cut down on 1 medication. I love the ambience of the clinic and loooooove Nicole. Thank you for making acupuncture affordable. I keep bringing more friends.

michelle r
I will definitely keep coming back!

I came in with intense pain in my left hip caused from bones spurs and miserable bursitis. After two treatments I have reduced pain, returned mobility, and an overall feeling of well being that I didn’t even expect. I will absolutely continue, possibly as a way of life. aS for the space

Karen B
One of the best things I do for myself

I have such a sense of peace after I undergo acupuncture. If you are seeking acupuncture to relieve stress, It does work. Not sure how, but it does. Have been going for a year and it has had a great impact in helping me keep anxiety under control.

Kathryn S
I’m so happy with Beach Community Acupuncture!!!

I am so happy to have found Beach Community Acupuncture and Nicole (the owner, and acupuncturist extraordinaire)! After two back surgeries, I’m not only able to walk, sometimes around my neighborhood, and without my cane, but I have gotten off Percocet. I honestly feel that I would not have done so well without Nicole. I call her “The Miracle Worker”. Thank you, Nicole.

Susan C
It just gets better!

Every time I go it is a great experience. Doctors tried to help me with a Ganglion Cyst on my right wrist with no luck, I asked Nicole if she could help me, and to my surprise three visits later it’s gone. One year later it is still gone and no pain. I let my friends and family know that they can also benefit from treatments like I have. Now we are working on other problem areas. Thank you Nicole for your help and support. Your always there when I need you. I look forward to seeing you again.

This place is a gem!

Nicole and her staff offer the BEST service, for the BEST price! Been going to BCA for over a year, and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Nicole’s acupuncture has changed my life! They welcome you by name, and for sharing a room with others receiving treatment, they treat you like you’re the only person there. I love it in every way possible 🙂

Ashley C

My friend recommended acupuncture to me to help regulate my cycles. Before i got acupuncture i was not ovulating. NOW I AM!!! It is so relaxing and an amazing environment. Mary is fabulous!!!

Acupuncture is Amazing!

Very relaxing and uplifting! I will be back. Pain, fatigue, and anxiety are much improved. Community Acupuncture makes it affordable for people like me. What a blessing!

Josh S
Wonderful experience

First time I’ve been to community acupuncture and I love it…so affordable, nice and friendly staff! I live 40mins away but its worth the drive!! I highly recommend BCA!

great service, great price, great treatment

Because of ongoing medical problems and the affordability of Beach Community Acupuncture, i decided to give acupuncture a try. To my surprise and relief, after just my first visit my anxiety was greatly reduced. I have now been to BCA five times and am always given great service and always feel better when i walk out. I continue to go and recommend them to anybody and everybody.

Debra K.
Pain relief after just 1 treatment!!

I have been terrified of the idea of having needles inserted into my skin, as I have had NUMEROUS surgeries with titanium implants. In addition to osteoporosis and a synovial cyst in my lower back, I have been in increasingly worse pain and limited in what I am able to do. After only one treatment (with Nicole) I felt extremely peaceful and relaxed, although not sleepy in the least. I went back the next day and I am going to keep going every day that I can.

Great Care and Service

The clinic has a soothing and calming environment geared to sit back in the recliner chairs, relax, and allow the acupuncturist to treat your symptoms with care. Immediately after starting the treatment, my symptoms started feeling better. Essential for a great clinic: Affordable, convenient appointment hours, and great service. Was referred by a friend.

Chris B
Great care!

This was my first experience with acupuncture and I will definitely become a regular. The office is very inviting and calm. The neck ache I came in for was greatly diminished after one treatment. It is so affordable that I will be able to see them a few more times till the problem is all taken care of.

Donna N.
Great Service!

It’s obvious that the people at BCA love what they do. Their genuine, caring attitude puts me at ease every time I visit and I feel lucky to have them in my neighborhood. I’ve already shared my experience with several other friends in my line of work and they plan to check it out themselves. Best of luck to everyone at BCA and their patients!

Nylene A.
Some of the Best!

Can’t say enough good about BCA! Everyone is great. I think I have gone to everyone who works there and love them all. I am sleeping through the nights, have more energy and still working on a few other things. Thank you BCA!

Marya A.
Wonderful experience!

A friend recommended this place to me. I met 2 of the staff, Kim and Josephine. Both were wonderful. I went in because my Achilles area hurts pretty badly when I run. I had 3 sessions as recommended. I didn’t want to test it out because of a 10 day backpacking trip that starts in 2 days. When I get back from that I’ll try running and see what happens. Love the atmosphere there!

David A.
Very happy!

I’ve been very pleased with BCA. Nicole and the staff are amazing and I feel so much better after every visit. You can’t beat the price and I look forward to my appointments.

Kamie L

I have been having some lower back pain for a few weeks now. I am pregnant and asked my midwife how she felt about Acupuncture. She highly recommended it and actually suggested BCA. I went on Monday and was very pleased at how clean it was and very relaxing. Mary treated me and was very thorough in assessing me. I figured it would take 2 or 3 sessions to feel better, but it only took one. My back feels better and I can’t wait to go back next Monday. I’m so happy I found her 🙂


Comfortable atmosphere, convenient location and positive results. Always caring and knowledgable; consistently kind people. Thank you for being there!

Karen B.
Does reduce stress

I am not someone who naps during the day, ever. But I fell asleep during treatment. I have been going to BCA for six months off and on for stress reduction and it does work. Have no idea how, but it does. I think I know have cycled through all of the staff and all are respectul and efficent. I would reccommend.

Improve the quality of your life!

Upon entering the clinic Carrie gives a warm greeting. There’s soothing music playing & cozy reclining chairs. Plus this clinic is clean, providing a truly lovely sanctuary in which to receive treatment. The best part is the acupuncture. I’ve had Nicole twice & after each session I felt better. She has a wonderful bedside manner, making me feel like I’m the only client in the room. She loves what she does & really cares about getting me healthy. We’re so lucky to have them!

Linda P.
A bonus at OB

This is a real bonus. A friend of mine told me about BCA. I was surprised and so pleased to find such a lovely, clean and professional place to get acupunture at such a reasonable rate…thank you.

My first acupuncture experience

I went for symptoms of pregnancy including sciatic pain. I wish I had gone a long time ago! Nicole is very professional and immediately puts you at ease the moment you walk in the door. She is working on up to 8 clients at a time yet you feel like the most important one when she talks to you. It is very clean, a healing experience no matter where you are in life.

Martin N
Relaxing healing

This is a great place to go to for alternative treatments of stress and mild internal ailments. The acupunturists are all great. I’ve been attended by four different staff members at different times, and they’ve all made a difference. Each has their own style. I always leave feeling better. Sure beats the usual doctor’s office co-pay, especially when they can help where you wouldn’t normally feel the need to see a doctor. I highly recommend them!

Kathryn S
I love this place!

What a wonderful system, designed so that everyone can benefit from this outstanding treatment. Acupuncture has helped me more than anything, and Nicole and Andreia can’t be beat. This stuff is the closest thing to magic that I’ve found! I look forward to many, many more treatments.

Terry H
The most affordable effective HOLISTIC HEALING ever!!!!

IWhen I first came I started off with 6 prescribed meds,now I am down to one. Arthritis pain. allergies…etc… gone. Now acupuncture is a routine part of taking care of myself . THE STAFF IS MAGNICENT!!! Different styles and techniques. Love them all!


This was my first acupuncture session and I will absolutely be back for more! The receptionist was very helpful by explaining the organization and casual system at BCA. Andreia was extremely friendly and professional and she instantly put my anxious mind at ease. I felt instant relief to ongoing lower back pain and look forward to continuing my personalized treatment.

Extremely friendly and affordable

This was my first acupuncture experience- Josephine is so attentive and kind. She made me feel really relaxed and did a great job of listening to what I wanted to achieve from treatment and how she could help me. The community environment made it affordable and less intimidating. It has been a few days since my treatment and I am still feeling the great results. Can’t wait for my next appointment!

Kate N
Awesome, affordable!

I love coming to OB community acupuncture. Every acupuncturist I have worked with is amazing, intuitive and very sensitive to my needs. Worked with them during pregnancy to help turn a breech baby. Highly recommended!

Linda K
Beach Community Acupuncture

I can’t say enough how great the staff are at the BCA. There are different acupuncturists and all are very skilled and extremely caring,The receptionists make you fell at home when you arrive.You can’t beat the cost for such a great healing service.My sister and I have been going since last September.I give the BCA a 5 Star service!


I must admit to being an acupuncture skeptic. But no more after being treated by the wonderful staff at Beach Community Acupuncture. It is such a peaceful atmosphere…with friendly and knowledgeable staff. And you can’t beat the price!

Sol I.
If only all health care could be so wonderful

This is a true asset to the community. To be able to get such skilled care with genuine attention from the practitioner at a completely economical price sets the model for true health care! The experience alone of sitting in the reclined chairs, with meditative music and balanced, serene energy is healing.

Lori T

best price in town, wonderful, peaceful, nice atmosphere, and amazing staff. so happy I found them so I can afford acupuncure on a regular basis! I highly recommend community acupuncture!

Meredith R

Beach Community Acupuncture is an amazing experience each time I go. The staff is warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgable. I am able to fully relax and go into a meditative state while there. I would recommend it to anyone. Its affordability allows me to feel like I can get a treatment whenever necessary or just to feel balanced and relaxed.

Dr. Gerritz, M.D.
Great value

Nicole was very skillful. She found the energy points immediately. I plan on being a regular for my own health maintenance. I slept better after my first treatment.

relief finaly

My whole family has heart issues that make normal life impossible . This or these heart conditions cause Frequent tachycardia, palpitations, exhaustion ,migrating chronic pain migraines , and the mental issues that go with not being able to live and operate as a normal member of society . I had given up on Dr.s In 8 months Nicole and the other acupuncturists at BCA have gotten me back on my feet and in a position to redefine my life and capabilities .

Bobbii K.

I can’t say enough about Emily and the wonderful staff at Beach Community Acupuncture …I am feeling so good…I have been the last 3 Friday’s and I really feel like a new person.I had tennis elbow that was feeling better in one session….Emily is a natural and I have been sending every one I know………Did forget to mention the hour long nap you get to take in a very comfortable chair with a nice warm blanket? Can’t wait for my next session!!!!!!

Rebecca H
The sweet spot

I have been going to beach community acupuncture for over a month now. I go in to see Emily on a weekly basis and with the ambiance of the clinic room and the treatment I manage to doze off every time. Cost effective and more than worth the $20 treatment.

Erin B
Great experience.

I really enjoyed my visit and felt very comforted and relaxed. I felt great as I left and so chill all day. The staff was super nice and explained everything to prepare you. I will be going back again!

Sheila S
Sooo Relaxing

My first experience with acupuncture and it was easy and relaxing. The staff makes you feel so comfortable and welcome. I slept like a baby that night!

Paz M
Awesome acupuncture!

I think it is a great place, everybody is friendly and they helped me a lot! I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of some acupuncture work!!!

Diana R
An Amazing Healing Place!

I have had a family acupuncturist since I was a teenager living in L.A. I did not have an acupuncturist when I moved to San Diego but heard about Beach Community Acupuncture and have been incredibly impressed with the skill, the caring and healing I have received from the treatments I have had at BCA. The environment at the clinic is wonderful with beautiful light streaming in, comfortable chairs (I generally fall asleep), relaxing music and the sound of multiple fountains.

Duane E.
A Wonderful Experience

I was so pleased with the professioal care I received. It was a very caring and comfortable setting. I was put at ease and felt very comfortable during the entire session.

Another Great OB Business!!

I am so happy Beach Community Acupuncture moved into OB! They are so professional, affordable and most importantly, it works!! I have been recommending them to all my friends and family.

Laura M
Amazing experience

Very comfortable, professional, clean environment. The practitioner was more attuned to my state of being than the doctor’s I’ve been seeing over the past 3 years. I was able to relax as deeply as if I were having a massage. When I left I felt rejuvenated and connected to my being. I will joyfully return, feeling empowered to heal! Thank you!

I love this place

I am so delighted that we found an affordable way to get regular acupuncture treatments. The acupuncturists are all knowledgeable. I tell everyone I know about it. I was so excited to find this place. Their whole model and philosophy is what this world needs more.

Heidi M
At Last!

I having been dealing with a health issue on and off for about a year and no doctor seemed to be able to help me. I have been to beach community acupuncture for only 3 visits and feel amazing. The staff is wonderful and took complete control and supported me everytime I was there. They have great availabiltiy to fit any schedule. I am soo happy to have found them. Thanks…

kathleen stone

Enjoyed Emily and impressed with her technique. Place is nice and quiet, relaxing. I will come back. Prices are great and very reasonable. I was referred here by a friend who likes it very much too. Only thing I wish could be changed is the parking.

Janine R
Such a relaxing experience

After paying $80-100 for acupuncture treatments I couldn’t believe the price at BCA. It is amazing to get a great treatment for only $20. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is soothing. I always feel so relaxed after a treatment. I would recommend BCA to everyone!!

Veronica B
All Around Amazing!

I LOVE being able to book appts online! I had my 1st session with Kim and have seen Nicole for the rest of my sessions, just because our schedules happen to match up. I have been going twice a week for about 3 weeks now, for Carpal Tunnel in BOTH wrists. Not only do I have less pain, but I am sleeping better and waking up with more energy! Long time problems with all of the above, so I am stoked! I’ve been recommending BCA to my coworkers and clients. THANKS BCA!! 🙂

Patti N
Best Deal in Town!

I love BCA. The care you get is fantastic.They make you feel wonderful and it’s affordable. It’s such a blessing to have them in our area. Don’t know what I’d do without them. Thank you for all your help. I appreciate all your kindness.

Veronica B
Highly Recommended

I have only had 1 treatment so far. The website is clean and informative, very helpful for a first-timer like me. The location is accessible. They warn you about the farmer’s market on wednesday afternoons. Parking is easy and free. The space is clean, modern, and comfortable. The recliners are super comfy! My first session was with Kim and I was very pleased with her thorough consultation. She has an excellent bedside (chairside?) manner. Will write another review after more treatmeants. 🙂

Ivan S
A Wonderful, Healing Place

The atmosphere and care given are truly healing and nurishing to the heart. I look forward to my appointments and am never disappointed. The staff could not be more giving. The price is so right!

A Precious Dream Come True Due to Acupuncture at BCA

About 3 years after our daughter was born, we were eager to add to our family. Nature, however, had other plans. Month after month I took one negative pregnancy test after another. I had heard acupuncture could be effective in promoting fertility but I couldn’t afford 60-80 bucks a week for consistent treatment. Now after just 10 months of weekly acupuncture ….I am finally 8 weeks pregnant!

FANTASTIC treatments

I have had such positive experiences at BCA, kind and gentle staff, clean and relaxing atmosphere and professional caregivers. BCA is affordable enough for me to go often so I am for the first time really seeing results. So grateful for the referral which brought me here. A+

Deanne G.
happy girl

BCA has a knowledgable & caring staff, who focus on your specific needs. The experience is peaceful and the atmosphere is soothing. I wish there was a community acupuncture in my community. I go back to BCA every time I’m in the area. Thank you to all of you that work at BCA.

Dec 22, 2010
Sallie G

I went for the first time yesterday with hip pain and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had immediate improvement. The price was terrific, previously I have never walked out of my acupuncture apts. under $100. which would inhibit my going. The atmosphere was very zen. A+review in my opinion

happy customer
Love BCA!

What a great concept. Save the extra cost of private rooms and enjoy being part of community healing. Nicole is awesome…has a great instinct for what’s ailing you and I love her kind, gentle, sweet demeanor.

Laila Santos
Great service!

Clean looking place… calming and relaxing.. Nicole is a great acupuncturist and a really sweet person. and the rates are fantastic! I’ll came back next week !

So Relieved

Whether acupuncture is a treatment that you have been thinking about, or getting back to, this is the place to go. I feel better after each visit and continue to look forward to this consistent, very capable care.

Very Glad I Went…

I can only repeat what others have said: first – a very comfortable and relaxing environment. Secondly, Nicole and her staff are very competent and professional. Thirdly, the price is very affordable. (I wish other practitioners would embrace this approach.) As, I said, I’m glad I came..!

Dianne L
Positively positive

As a first timer I did not know what to expect, but felt very comfortable from the moment I walked in. My conditions are chronic (25 years), so I know I cannot expect instant results. The low price makes it an extremely affordable experiment and I don’t feel that the low cost compromises the professionalism and expertise..

Anita M
Great Value

Comfortable and cozy, Nicole and staff very informative and caring, great place for the person new to acupunture. My condition is long standing and stuborn, but, for the first time ever, I’m feeling real progress! Yea! Wish I cold go everyday!


I had very peaceful experiences at BCA. The therapists were very gentle and kind. I am hopeful that the treatment will help me so I don’t have to take so much medicine.


It is very relaxing to go into Beach Community Acupuncture. Easy to get appointments and easy on the pocketbook. Always feel like I am visiting a friend while at the same time being cared for.

Nov 21, 2010
Mireille Lau
Holistic healing

What a find! I have been suffering from tendinitis and a frozen shoulder for over a year now and finally feel help is at hand. Nicole works with you to achieve physical and emotional healing; each session feels more relaxing than a massage. I highly recommend BCA; they are very professional, friendly, and the price is definately right! Awsome place 🙂

Lina S

I’m new to BCA. I have received outstanding service. Nicole and her staff are great friendly and very helpful. I love the atmosphere of the clinic, wide open, soft music and water trickling on the background as you relax. I come away feeling refreshed, and knowing that if I continue my treatments, I will feel a whole lot better. Thank you Nicole for your care and sensitivity for my needs. I absolutely recommend BCA to my friends and family.

Diane D
All Good!

I’ve been receiving treatments here for a bit over one month. Have worked with all practitioners and have come away feeling satisfied and HAPPY with each of them. I love the atmosphere–open and bright in all ways. I’ve seen a reduction in my symptoms, and really appreciate the affordable fee which allows me to “get needled” at my current frequency. I recommend BCA to my clients. Thanks for being there and offering such a great treatment setting!

Gail H

Amazing what Nicole can do in just two sessions. I live out of state but when I’m in San Diego everything else revolves around when I can get an appointment at BCA. She has magic hands and knows how to listen and instantly treats the issue.

Mike S
Back Pain!!

What can I say other than when I receive a treatment I feel great. BCA has a relaxing atmosphere and Nicole is outstanding at addressing whatever issues you may have. I highly recommend BCA!

Lydia Tillinghast
Anxiety and Pain

I first found out about BCA in the Beacon. I had done accupunture before but it was expensive. I checked out the website and decided to try it out. What a blessing. I usually become so relaxed I drift off. The atmosphere is relaxing and what can I say about the staff. They are the best. I feel confident in them. They listen to me and address my issues.

Meg W.
In love….

I cannot say how much I love BCA! I have been going for about 2 or 3 months now and can notice such a difference in my over-all well being. I see more clearly every time I leave my treatment. Best of all it is in my little beach community of OB, the best place ever. I have seen almost every acupuncturist and love ’em all. Everyone is very personable. I tell everyone I know about this place and soon hope to have all my loved ones as hooked as I am. I would go every day if time permitted!!!

Big Fan!

I am a big fan of OB Community Acupuncture! I am new to acupuncture, but I feel confident in the clinic’s services. I have met with Josephine and Kim and found both to be responsive and friendly. The cost is definitely a plus – and as a long-time resident of OB, I so appreciate this gift to our community. I will continue to visit them whenever I am feeling out of sorts or whenever I just want to give myself some extra loving care.

Ocean Beach Community Accupuncture.

My sister and I have been going to the clinic for the past month. There are different accupuncturists that work there. We have seen 3 different ones and all of them are GREAT! They are kind and caring and good at what they do.Plus you can’ beat the cost.I was paying $75 at another clinic and I can tell you the treatment and help for mine and my sister’s issues have been much better at the OBAC.I have been spreading the word.Thanks so much for your low cost affordable service!!

Gemma Y
I love Beach Community Acupunture!

I go at least twice a week! This place is amazing, everyone should go to Beach Community Acupuncture… and its only $20! Just go and you will love it, I promise!

Valentina T
Thank you

Thank you so much for the nice treatment. It was my first time and I found it very relazing. I could feel the energy flowing inside my body. Felt very relaxed afterwards. Great!

Great experience!

My husband and I had our very first acupuncture session here a day ago, and it was great! So relaxing, and Nicole is a wonderful practitioner. We can’t wait for our next visit! I also can’t wait to see how the acupuncture helps us. I know it will! 🙂

Ana Prian
Great experience

It was a nice surprise to find an affordable place and receive the top of the class treatment and service from Beach Community Acupuncture. Nice relaxing environment, friendly staff and great results.

Cornelia M
B.C.A. is a healing gem!

We are so lucky to have this chance for regular acupuncture in such a great setting. I felt a better after one session. Josephine is very knowledgeable and she has a strength that enables one to relax immediately near her because one feels protected while being healed.

Elysa E
Acupuncture Saved My Life

After two major abdominal surgeries in two months, my gastroenterology specialist doctors were convinced I’d need another surgery. My prognosis was guarded, and there was very little the doctors could do, being that my condition is so rare. I went in to BCA in tears, and pretty much faithless. Within weeks, my blood chemistry began to normalize and for the first time in 2 months I could eat (and hold down) normal solid food. Thanks Nicole! You are my hero!

Alma L
First time for Acupuncture

I had no idea what acupuncture really was. Until my first visit at BCA. Andreia was friendly and had a calming effect. The place was great, very tranquil and relaxing. after my session I felt very relaxed and energized. I will be coming back and Andreia is just wonderful and excellent customer service. Can’t wait for my next appointment at BCA!!

Daphinne A

BCA has helped me so much. We are very fortunate to have BCA in our community! I began last October and have continued with at least a weekly visit since. The environment is stress fee, soothing, and safe. You need to try it!

Michael H
Saved me a week of feeling sick

I went in to try to avoid being sick after my wife had contracted a sinus infection and I started feeling congested. Nicole knew just what I needed via her diagnosis and I feel great today. Thank you!

Responsive, knowledgeable, caring

This was my first acupuncture-in-a-clinic-setting treatment. The room is beautiful and beautifully laid out with plants and fountains and the chairs are far enough apart that I felt comfortable. Andreia’s individualized, knowledgeable care and her friendly, respectful and kind demanor toward everyone put me at ease. I'[ll be coming back.

Carly G
Very peaceful

I’ve been to several community style acupuncture clinics in San Diego, and this one is very nice! I had a wonderful treatment from Andreia and felt a lot better afterwards. The chairs are comfy and they keep a nice serene environment going, which is much appreciated. I will definitely be back!

Caring Treatment

Great service from knowledgeable staff! When one walks through the door from beach community, Ocean Beach, soothing sounds and a tranquil setting put one at ease. I highly recommend the establishment for attentive and caring treatment.

Jan P
A Wonderful Experience

I can’t remember when I have received such personalized and caring service from a medical practicioner! I’ve had sessions with both Josephine and Nicole and was amazed at the results both times. Where else can you go burdened with all the stress of your day and totally relax and be healed all at once? I am definitely going back!

A Great Place of Healing

The place is relaxing and clean. The staff is friendly, warm and exudes the love necessary to promote comfort and healing. A truly beautiful experience.

Brandon M
Great service…Loved Nicole!!

Nicole seemed to be truly interested in our well being. She talked us through everything to calm us down, with this being our first acupuncture visit. Really relaxing and the open environment wasn’t a hindrance to being in the moment, nor was it even weird feeling (like I kinda thought it might be). Overall I really recommend their services and liked it so much we are going back today for our second treatment. Thanks to Nicole for doing what she does, what a blessing on the community.

Christine & Jesse
Awesome experience

First experience with acupunture for me and the hubs. have to say i am hooked already. Josephine is AMAZING – what a gentle and kind spirit! i could not believe how great i felt at the end of the treatment. i can’t wait to go back and get this neck fixed! husband is a new believer too – josephine worked on his sports injury and his shoulder felt better than it has in a year of alternate treatment. THANK YOU JOSEPHINE and BCA!!!

The Real Deal

I believe this place is a true find and that Nicole is a true healer. Although I have only gone for two treatments, I have noticed some improvement in my condition.

Happy customer
fantastic treatment and friendly service

just started treament. very relaxing environment and i will return as often as possible. nicole is a friendly, natural healer in addition to her skills as an acupuncturist.

Carla B
wonderful beginning

It was my first acupuncture and it was amazing! I felt a release of energy that left me with a deep respect for Nicole’s kind and genuine healing. Look forward to my next appt.

Margaret K

Nicole, Thank you for providing me with such wonderful care. My chronic in between period spotting is gone and I feel like I am moving towards a place of balance. Plus since you are so affordable I get really incorporate this into my life on a luxuriously weekly basis! Yesterdays’s treatment was especially “releasing” in such a healing way. Plus the atmosphere is magic.

Edie S
A wonderful experience to be enjoyed time and time again…

I loved the relaxed, yet very professional, atmosphere. Nicole was very welcoming and knowledgeable. A wonderful and affordable experience that I will surely take advantage of time and time again. Thank you, Nicole!

Amazing, affordable, Life Changing

I was so thrilled to find an opportunity for acupuncture that I could afford. I desperately needed it, but as a student could not afford the regular, consistent acupuncture needed for my condition. Nicole is amazing, and I have been completely pain free since starting. I have been able to quit taking pain killers, and have also been able to delay a serious surgery. I will have ultrasounds soon and will be able to report back on the actual success we have had shrinking fibroids w/ acupuncture

Cherry D
It Rocks!

I have paid a lot more money for acupuncture just to have a private room and some scented aromatherapy. It was nice, but it wasn’t doable for the long-term because it was too expensive. What I needed was healing! I got it at Beach Community. I was very relaxed and I feel great and bragged to all my friends and family because I had been laid up with back spasms for a week. I am going to be a regular. I believe even my feet feel better and I have terrible feet.

Great Treatment! Beautiful Space! Affordable!

I had a wonderful experience at BCA. Nicole was very knowledgeable, caring and gentle. The atmosphere was very relaxing and comfortable. Highly recommended!

Tia L
A divine experience!

My first visit was on the free treatment day, and it won’t be my last! Nicole made sure I knew she cared about me, even though she had several other patients at the same time. She went above and beyond to make me comfortable, checked on me without being intrusive, and her technique was gentle and nurturing. The space is nicely done (not overdone).


This was my first visit to BCA, I will def be going back. Nicole is the best and I felt so much better afterwards. Chairs are comfy and the other clients were respectful of each others privacy. Very affordable as well, all in all an awesome visit.

I just keep improving!

my mental health and physical well being just keep on improving with each treatment at BCA. I am so impressed with both Nicole and Beth, I cannot recommend them more highly.

What a nice surprise to be right!

Friends told me that acupuncture would be good for me. I heard about their results, and I agreed that it would probably be beneficial. Thank you, Beth, for providing me with such a great experience! The office feels professional, yet warm, and the treatment was effective. My chronic shoulder pain is still gone (2days and counting…) and as added benefit, my sinuses are clear, and I feel less scattered, and more balanced



I’ve now had two full weeks of treatment from Nicole, and I look forward to more! I could go on and on like I did in my first review, but all I really need to say is that acupuncture WORKS. I feel so wonderful, and everything is normalizing in my body (which is such a fabulous feeling). I go three times a week, and that seems to be the perfect amount of acupuncture (though honestly, I could go every day since I love the feeling it gives me… Probably not necessary, but still!) 🙂  This place keeps getting better. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to! No matter what ails you, you will find bliss at BCA. -Carrie O


This place is amazing! During treatment I felt like I was floating on air – and I was literally glowing with happiness and energy for the rest of the day. And the value for this treatment is incredible. I will probably be going weekly from now on.

Parking can be difficult so arrive early.
Don’t drink coffee or caffeine before coming here, as it makes it much harder to relax. Bring a sleeping eye mask, it makes the relaxation that much better.
If you are sensitive to sound, bring your own music/headphones as there is some slight noise …nothing too distracting -Brittany V.


This was not the first time I’ve had an acupuncture treatment but this is the first place I’ve been to in a community setting….I’ve been consistently coming here for the past six plus months and have been meaning to write a review and want to say I’m so stoked to have found this place as an alternative way to treat my shoulders…. The ambiance itself is very relaxing and serene…The staff itself I have nothing but thee most epic compliments for…It’s easy that you can book appointments online or by phone, walks-ins are allowed if spots are available and if there is a spot that is full I’ve sent an email and/or have called the office manager Carrie and she has made accomodations to squeeze me in, that’s just awsome service! I usually have Nicole (the owner) treat me and she knows acupuncture, she chats w/ you before the session, checks up on you during, and at the end of the session….I try to go once a week usually before I compete in a race to let my body rest and let my shoulders heal before the abuse I put on it….Every session has been relaxing…. Acupuncture can even be used to treat acute injuries, I pulled my groin, and Nicole treated it immediately, she turned what was suppose to be a three week injury to where i was able to workout again three days later, not quite 100%, but by five days later almost 100%, and by a week later I was back in full speed….sooo crazy! I’ve been taking it easy on the workouts on my shoulders so on a saturday I had a treatment by Andreia for the first time and she blew me away by what she was able to do as well!  My right shoulder had limited movement and with a few needles, right then and there was able to loosen it up on the spot, gnarly?!?! This staff is good and you can’t beat the price, $20 flat rate across the board…You can’t go wrong…what is there not to love?  =) I wish my massage therapist was still in San Diego but Beach Community Acupuncture is the way to go, I’ve referred several people there already and they’re all stoked, you will be too…YO! -Siam M.


This place is great!  It’s a great way to get all the benefits of acupuncture without the big price tag and the staff is all very friendly. I always walk out of this place feeling amazing – Kim B


In November of last year I was thinking about quitting smoking, I decided to look into acupuncture. I looked at many different places and came across Beach Community, not only was the price right the location was pretty darn awesome as well.  On my first treatment I was pretty nervous but after the first needle hit my ankle I was so relaxed and felt like I was on cloud 9. I went 3 times a week for about a month and since the first time I went I never picked up a smoke again… Thank you Kim and the staff – Andreia B


If you desire one session or a series of sessions, come to Beach Community Acupuncture.  It is a community style acupuncture, but there are six recliners in a nice, open, bright, aqua and white colored room.  The staff is laidback and accepting; the atmosphere is professional and clean.  The acupuncturist is knowledgeable, scientific, and kind.  $15-45 per session is correct.  Check this place out, especially if you have allergies and any kind of leg pain.  I prefer this over a massage because my legs feel so fresh after acupuncture!  Make sure you have 45-60 minutes available for your appointment.  I felt amazing after and even for days after.  I wish I lived closer. – Jen W


I’m a newbie to acupuncture, and after my experience at BCA I would recommend it to everyone. The staff put you at ease from the minute you walk in and explain the whole process. As they are doing their initial assessment you feel like the most important patient in the room. Plus, I love being able to book appointments online. I will definitely be going back. – Lexi H


Huge huge fan.  Very knowledgable and kind staff.  They keep me coming back. – Melinda R


I’ve been here countless number of times since my last review, and this is one place I’ll be majorly missing in Kansas. I always come in tense, in pain, and stressed, and leave feeling like I’m walking on a cloud. The proximity to my favorite place in San Diego (Mission Bay) is also an extra good thing, since I’m in the area 4-5 days a week 🙂 I’m addicted. – Teresa P


BCA rocks! The acupuncturists here are beyond amazing. I love Nicole, Andreia, and Josephine. Being a gal who studied physiology in school but grew up in a traditional chinese background, I never really knew what to think of eastern medicine, though my aunts and uncles swore by it. Now I know. Acupuncture simply works, and I love when the gals here explain to me why they’re putting certain needles in certain places. They’ve helped ease my stress and pain from TMJ, and I look forward to having them help maintain my health. Which reminds me, I’m super over due to visit BCA! – Teresa P


I have received accupuncture before, but this is my first time in a community setting.  It is well worth $20 a treatment.  Nicole is treating me for a sore shoulder. Unfortunately , my pain hasn’t subsided, but I will be going back soon. – Julie M


My 1st acupunture treatment in SD was amazing. Mary was very pleasant and sincere and you can’t beat the price. The facility is clean and modern. Booking an appointment is convenient and can be done online. They are open Sat and Sun, thats a huge plus! Will be back again and recommend to others. – Kristi P


I need to preface this review by acknowledging that this was my very first experience with acupuncture and I have no basis for comparison. But I’ve become a fan! I’ve had a huge stress knot in my shoulder for months due to work-related stress. I’ve been getting massages twice a month for a while now, and while they’ve helped a little, the acupuncture tonight almost completely eliminated it.  I’m pleased with the results – especially when you consider it’s only $20. Highly recommend it. – Traci W


As a newbie to acupuncture, I was a little bit hesitant at first – and that feeling only lasted a minute! The Beach Community Acupuncture is awesome! Josephine and Kim are both responsive and caring. The cost is obviously wonderful – and such a great contribution to the OB Community!  I like to go when I am feeling out of sorts – or if I just want to give my body and mind a little TLC. This place rocks my world. – Sam S


This is my first time getting acupuncture. Nicole is fabulous! She really pays attention to your questions and her consultation is gentle. She’s great! – Okay U


I highly recommend BCA to all of my friends and coworkers on a regular basis.  The fact that it’s the most affordable acupuncture available anywhere aside – this place is the best!  Nicole and Mary are so awesome, not only do I feel connected and welcome whenever I find the time to come in for treatment….I also enjoy watching them interract with everyone around me.  They are so genuine in their caring approach, they are reassuring that all things are treatable and not to fear it just takes time and comittment.  So true!  Yes the parking can be tough at the beach (especially on farmers market wednesdays) so plan ahead.  They also sell chinese herbs, and will encourage you to take what you need and pay the next visit if necessary.  They honestly care about helping people, and I believe that since their hearts are truly in it, that goes a long way in my recovery.  thanks ladies, hope to see you soon! – Rosemarie L


This was not my first acupuncture treatment but it was my first treatment in a community setting.  I was really impressed.  The place was very clean and the environment was calming.  Not to mention the price cannot be beat. Kim was so nice and seemed genuinely interested in my issues and she answered any questions I had.  I will definitely be back!  If you’re considering acupuncture give this place a try, you won’t be disappointed. – Anna O


This was my first time EVER with acupuncture and went in because of a very badly sprained ankle I got working out.  I’m telling you, this thing was ugly.  After weeks or regular doctors telling me to ice and elevate I was recommended by friend to get acupuncture. Josephine was so great and sweet to me!  She really helped me get comfortable with the process and how it works, and trust me it worked too!!  I recommend her to anybody and everybody!   The cost is amazingly affordable.  I don’t care that I’m not in a room by myself.  Actually I prefer it this way : ) Seriously, there is something to be said for acupuncture and Ocean Beach Community Acupuncture is just the place to give it a try. -Lisa B


Clinicians are professional and kind, and they get you in and out fairly quickly. At $20 a treatment, this is some of the most affordable acupuncture around. I went in for a major back sprain after my MD told me to “take it easy” and prescribed a lot of pain meds. OBCA really helped! The community atmosphere is pleasant, as well. – JC S


This was my first visit to an acupuncture clinic so I am basing my review of a “first timer’s” experience.
I was recommended to this place by a friend and was able to book my appointment online at their website, http://beachacu.com. For being in OB the parking is pretty easy. If you can’t find something street side they do have a lot in the back which is nice. The center is upstairs and is easy to find with good signage. Inside the decor is nice, clean and very relaxing looking. The acupuncturist (??) was super friendly when we met and got all of the paperwork done and out of the way with no stress. Her vision about serving the community and the sliding scare are great! A great person who is helping. Walking back to the open treatment area I had a choice of places to sit. I choose one next to a window and was able to enjoy the natural light. The chairs recline but not how you would think. There is no lever, you just lean back. That seemed to throw everyone I saw who tried to recline the first time. As the area is open you get to view the other patients. I had no problem with this, it was not intrusive at all. She also did a great job of keeping things quiet and private as possible. Though I would turn the music down just one click or two in the volume. As it was my first time we talked about why I was there, what I wanted and how my treatment would progress. All my questions were answered. Needles. Yikes. Was I really going to do this? It all worked out OK. She has great needle technique and every time I made a face or winced she talked me through it. (like most, I am a wuss about needles. especially watching them be placed in me) Treatment is over when you feel it is over. I sat for about a hour with my needles in place. I felt relaxed, better and in a little less pain. I will definitely continue a course of treatment there. I could not have asked for a better experience. 5 stars. – Rowdy B


This is the best medical treatment I have ever received. I suffer from numerous orthopedic issues, with 3 different areas of my body containing titanium implants as well as a synovial cyst in my lower back that is increasingly making my left foot numb. After  a recent night of fitful sleep I decided to give acupuncture a try, rather than go back to the pain specialist for another epidural injection.
What a pleasant surprise to find that acupuncture needles really don’t hurt  and even better that it works! I even felt very calm and peaceful after I got home in addition to having my pain relieved.
I think I actually like the idea of receiving treatments in the same room as others, I think that maybe the “healing energy” that all of us are experiencing is somehow multiplied by concentrating it all in one area.
At any rate, this place is a blessing. It is affordable and accessible since they offer appointments 7 days a week. (And if you go, be sure to check out Poma’s across the street, they have the best deli sandwiches). – Debbie K


I have had acupuncture from a few other acupuncturists in the past and a couple of them have been really awesome, but Nicole and Emily here take the cake. Emily has this awesome healing energy that radiates through her soul and Nicole is just as amazing and skilled. I love this place! Within 20 minutes after my session today I had a sign of healing! I’m so glad one of their previous clients told me about This place! – Jessie H


I’m back writing another review. I wrote one about mono a few months ago. I went in yesterday to see Josephine for my shoulder. I have been told I have bursitis–but that was years ago. Basically the inside of my shoulder joint HURTS and the pain runs down my arm. Then, since I am babying the joint, pain runs from the joint to my neck. It is ridiculous.  I saw Josephine yesterday. She put one needle in the middle of each of my shins. The pain went AWAY while the needles were in! Every once and awhile the pain would come back and the needles would be “waken up” and the pain would GO AWAY again! Last night my shoulder still hurt.  But today, I have had the most comfortable day at my computer. My shoulder barely hurts, if at all. Out of the entire day, it may have hurt for 15 mins here and there. Josephine is AMAZING!!! Thank you thank you! I’ll be back tomorrow (Thursday). Kristin M


So far, a great experience after 3 treatments. I saw a first visit free advert in the OB Mainstreet Association Newsletter. I was pretty blown away when they said only $20 for treatments, I was paying $75 when I Iived in LA.  The difference here being, that the emphasis is on community. Instead of paying the big bucks for the acupuncturist to see you in a private setting, you share a large, tranquil, comfy room with others. I haven’t seen more than 3 of us at a time there. They have big recliners with a blanky on every chair. Usually, a treatment takes 45 min to 1 hr. I, who never take naps, usually fall asleep in that chair.  Nicole opened the place about 8 months ago, and Josephine just started working there. She told me that her and Nicole graduated from acupuncture school together. They will make you feel very secure, and really listen to you as you tell them what you want to worked on. Acupuncture has been around for 5,000 years, so it must be doing something right. It works on all the different meridians of the body. Many have claimed great results, I hope to be one of them.  I have tingling in my hands and supposed arthritis in my hip and leg. I will have to report back on how I think it is all working.  Another great business in OB. I LOVE living here! -Mercy B


I LOVE being able to book appts online! Parking is easy and free. The space is clean, modern, and comfortable. The recliners are super comfy!  I had my 1st session with Kim and have seen Nicole for the rest of my sessions, because our schedules match up. I have been going twice a week for about 3 weeks now, for Carpal Tunnel in BOTH wrists. Not only do I have less pain, but I am sleeping better and waking up with more energy! Long time problems with all of the above, so I am stoked! I’ve been recommending BCA to my coworkers and clients. THANKS BCA!! 🙂 – Veronica B


I can’t say enough great things about Beach Community Acupuncture. I have been going regularly for almost two years and I am so grateful for for the expertise and kindness of all of their practitioners. I have been treated for everything from terribly painful knee problems, to menstrual cramps, to ear infections to crippling anxiety. If I get myself in one of their recliner chairs I will walk out with major relief from whatever was bothering me an hour later. It is so wonderful to have a place to go where everyone is so nurturing and knowledgeable and the treatment rate is so affordable. I highly recommend making an appointment for whatever is not feeling great about your body.  The clinic has a wonderful peaceful environment and you will feel better. – Erin S


Price uncomparable. practioners are concerned and skilled. my body’s health has improved especially my digestion and esophagus problems, my eyesite has improved, my anxiety has been reduced significantly. I highly recommend Nicole, Andreia. It is worth the drive from wherever. – Wayne M


This place is great.  Nicole is amazing and has resolved numerous health issues of mine and has eliminated the need for multiple surgeries.  I am so grateful to have found beach community acupuncture because I would not be able to afford regular visits to most places.  Dont shy away from the community style acupuncture.  It is a very relaxing environment and they are very attentive to your specific needs even though they are helping multiple people at once.  Thanks Nicole! – Mary B


Wow what can I tell you about Community beach Acupuncture…. other than I love it! It’s easy to find, clean and beautiful inside. I have seen Nicole Murray, Andreia Saboya and Kim Feig and I have loved every minute of my treatments. Its only $20 so its well worth you going to see what its like for yourself…. once you do, I promise you will return. – Gemma Y


Beach Community Acupuncture’s  office is bright and welcoming.  Very conveniently located with free parking.  Nicole, one of the acupuncturist , is wonderful and has helped me with skin and allergy issues when doctors could not do anything for me. She was very patient and answered all of my questions.  My skin and allergies have improved and I am so happy that I found this clinic! – JJ


Wow, what a great place! I suffer from tension headaches and occasional migraines. Nicole is phenomenal and she knows her stuff. I can’t believe what a difference it has made in my life. The “community” setting is still very private and relaxing. Everybody here is very professional and courteous to say the least. And it is extremely affordable. Thank you Nicole! – Andrea K


I went in for severe hypertension. Within one treatment, I saw a 10 point reduction on systolic and diastolic each. Nothing else was working. I can continue to breastfeed my baby because I won’t have to be put on meds. I am so grateful to Josephine. I am going back for more. – Pepper L


This place is great. The staff is friendly and the price is awesome! $30 for your first visit and $20 for subsequent visits. I leave feeling fantastic. – Annette C


So for the past 10 years I have had severe lower back problems. I have always been curious about acupunture so I went into beach community acupunture and fell in love. Even just after one treatment I could tell there was a shift. I have been going since!  My back has NEVER felt better! I was getting tried of complaining about it but now i just rave about how amazing im feeling! Nichole is great, very calming and you can tell she loves what she does! Now im hooked (: I started with just getting treated for my lower back now I go for digestion, when im feeling like im gonna get sick, I also get anxiety here and there,so I even go for that. Its such a peacful invironment! plus who can pass on a nap while getting treated! I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! why spend big bucks over and over again when you can pay 20 bucks ! – Christina C


I’ve been to several community style acupuncture clinics in San Diego, and this one is very nice! I had a wonderful treatment from Andreia and felt a lot better afterwards. The chairs are comfy and they keep a nice serene environment going, which is much appreciated. I will definitely be back! – Carly T


I was very impressed with each acupuncturist I went to. They even called to follow up to see how I was feeling. They were all very attentive and it was a very nice relaxing setting. I highly recommend anyone to try it…you will love it!! – Samanha S


I have been a patient/ client/ thankful customer for over a year, and have complete confidence in Beach Community Acupuncture.  They know their stuff, are professional, friendly, respectful, and caring.  The clinic is very clean and calm.  I love the whole community acupuncture philosophy!  Make an appointment.  You will thank yourself! – JM


Was on vacation in San Diego on vacation and I love acupuncture so I decided to try this place.  Had a great treatment from Nicole.  It’s a beautiful open space, the fountains and subtle music help you really get into the zone. – LB


After treatment I feel like a new person. My carpal-tunnel situation has improved dramatically thanks to the wonderful ladies and their needles. lol My son who is 9 years old, also likes coming here and getting his growing pains out of the way. We looooove this place! – Lorena B


I have been trying to get pregnant for 1.5 years with no luck and I was talking to my friend who had been trying for 2 years.  Her OB recommended this place to her and after 5 visits, 2.5 weeks, she was pregnant!  I went for 3.5 months and am now expecting!  Everyone is in the same room together, but noise is kept low, so it is still relaxing, and makes it very reasonably priced.  Nicole is amazing, as is the staff, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. – Audrey R


Nichole is a saint. She is worth her weight in gold! Amazing speed, kindness, and accuracy. And painless!!! I have been to acupuncture everywhere and this little community joint in recliners did me more immediate good than weeks of $100 treatments elsewhere. My arthritis and joint pain from running is all but gone and I sleep like a baby. – Katherine N


I came out of this place brand new. Wow. Ten years younger. Thank you – Rose P


Emily is so wonderful. She makes you feel like you are the only person in the room while she sets your needle points. I would encourage everyone to try a session at Beach Community Acupuncture. – RL J


This place is awesome. The whole staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Nicole went above and beyond for me. I went in because my water had broken and I had to get my labor going so I could deliver my baby at a birth center (and not have to go to the hospital). Nicole got my contractions going and strong and I was able to deliver my happy,. healthy baby within 24 hours. Very good work done here – I will be back and highly recommend them to all my friends and family. It’s impossible to beat  the price and service! -Kat U


Beach Community Acupuncture is an affordable way to see the value of acupuncture, which has an infinite amount of benefits. The place is impeccable and the ambiance is exceptionally relaxing. Its online appointment system makes it easy to schedule an appointment. Most importantly, Nicole is very knowledgeable, gentle, and personable. I strongly recommend trying this venue.  – Tony C.

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