What does it take to become an Acupuncturist?

What does it take to become an Acupuncturist? We wanted to answer this question for you because we’re sure it’s something you have probably wondered about at some point during your treatments here. Or in simpler terms, how competent is the person poking me with needles right now? The wait is over, read on for the answers!

The Nitty-Gritty

The state of California upholds rigid standards for licensure to practice acupuncture, including “a minimum of 3,000 hours of study in curriculum pertaining to the practice of an acupuncturist.” (Business and professions code 4939) You read that right, 3,000 HOURS!

It’s not as easy as you think…

▪ All acupuncturists at BCA are licensed by the State of California, having passed the challenging State Board exam (often a 50% pass rate).
▪ All of us at BCA earned a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. This is a four year program with more than 3,500 hours of academic and clinical training.
▪ For four years, we study bio-medicine, Chinese medicine theory, Chinese herbology, acupuncture theory and needle techniques, counseling, and much more.

The acupuncturists (we like to call them “punks”) of BCA are all fully-trained professionals who have your best interests in mind. We want to help you get better no matter the ailment. Apart from hours of required schooling, clinic hours and tuition fees, the BCA punks bring their varied life experiences to their practice making your experience here richer and more beneficial.

Interested in becoming a Community Acupuncturist? POCAtech and beyond

If you are interested in a career in Acupuncture, specifically Community-style Acupuncture, check out POCA Tech (a 501c-3 non-profit located in Portland, OR. It is an affordable alternative to acupuncture school that helps its students after they graduate by training them in the ways of starting up their own Community Acupuncture practice or finding a practice that will suit them. All potential students must be members of the POCA Coop in order to be considered for POCA Tech. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a Community Acupuncturist, you can always join the Coop or donate to POCA Tech’s cause! Click here to Donate to POCA Tech. Every donation helps!

What does it take to become an Acupuncturist?
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